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ACS 2015 now available

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2007-2009 ACS 3-year estimates

The 3-year ACS files go back several years but are not included in GeoLytics products because 2009 is the first time that the ACS was available down to the block group and tract level with the release of the 5-Year estimates. If you want earlier years please download them from the Census Bureau.

With the release of the 2009 data set there are 21 new tables available that were unavailable in previous 3-year data releases. They cover a variety of areas, including Hispanic or Latino origin; foreign born, US citizenship status, year of entry, nativity; poverty; industry, occupation, class of worker; housing characteristics; and school enrollment.

The variables available differ from the 1-, 3-, and 5-Year estimates. For the 2007-2009 3-year estimates there are 1369 Tables of data – to see the full list of table names click here: 3-Year Estimates


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