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Our Zip+4 product is a valuable tool for profiling customers and/or clients. If you have incomplete addresses, but do have zip+4 data, this CD provides the area centroid of the zip+4 with latitude/longitude coordinates and assigns the 2010 block, block group, tract, and county identification numbers/FIPS code. The latest version even lets you import and geocode your own lists of zip+4s, as well as append demographic data right to the zip+4 records.

The Zip+4 product also gives users the ability to include demographic information that is automatically appended to their Zip+4 records. The standard version has a sample of 135 geographic and demographic variables from the Census Bureau’s latest American Community Survey (ACS). With the expanded Zip+4 with Estimates and Projections, users can also append current year Estimates and 5-year Projections to update the ACS data set. And this is added all in one simple step!

The Zip+4 is updated with the U.S. Census Bureau’s latest TIGER/Line® Shapefiles and the latest AIS Zip+4 National data set published by U.S. Postal Service. The Zip+4 DVD uses improved geocoding technology developed by GeoLytics and includes over 34 million residential zip+4 records. TWO WAYS USE THE ZIP+4 PRODUCT

First, you can output an entire database for all of the zip+4’s in the entire country, state(s), counties or zip codes. Then you can use this database to grab data from “hit against” as you add new records to your files. OR

The Zip+4 program lets you import a DBF or CSV file that includes zip+4 data and it will output the file with the latitude, longitude, census designation, and demographic data that you choose. So if you have a list of zip+4 records that you need to assign latitude/longitude, census designations, and demographic data, you can run your file and append these data in one quick step.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want zip code level data (based on the 5 digit zip code), we have several databases with this data. The Census 2010 Summary File 1, American Community Survey, as well as all of our Estimates and Projections products have zip code level data. This database is for researchers and marketing personnel who have or need to match addresses to the 9 digit zip+4.

Additionally, there are on average 175 zip+4s which are matched to the same Block Group (35+ million zip+4s associated with 200,000+ Block Groups) so you cannot sum up Block Group level numbers to get coverage for larger areas.

Zip+4 with Current Year Estimates & 5-Year Projections

The Zip+4 with current year Estimates and 5-year Projections gives users an expanded selection of demographic variables to append to their Zip+4 records. This CD includes the 135 variables from the regular version plus it includes an expanded list of variables that include population, households, age, race, income and more from the current year Estimates and the 5-year Projections. The data that is appended to the zip+4 records are block group level data.Click here for a complete list of variables.


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