Tuesday, January 28, 2020  
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Address Profiles

Address Profiles

With our Address Profiles component you can determine what kinds of people live near a given address (store location), as well as how many of these sorts of people are there in the immediate vicinity.

For example for our office, 28 Brunswick Woods Drive, East Brunswick NJ 08816 we are told that there are a total of 2401 people who are profiled as follows:
Profile Rank Count
Minor City 42.0 2218
Older Second Tier City Dwellers 26.0 66
Modern Homes 25.4 754
Rich families from Second Tier Cities 25.2 67
Speaks a Foreign Language 24.7 729
Foreign Born 24.1 567
Upper Class Neighborhoods 23.4 281
Urban Middle Class 23.1 205
Smaller City DINKs 21.5 38
Well-educated, Urban Affluent Families 21.3 97
Those Over 50 21.2 381
Affluent Neighborhoods 20.9 281
Middle Class Neighborhoods 20.7 205
The Urban Fringe 20.3 115
Well Off Families in Smaller Cities 20.0 63

These profiles are sorted in "Rank order". The rank is a number that tells how well this attribute aligns with the definition. The highest score is a 100 and the lowest is a 0. So a profile with a rank of 20 is significant less indicative of this area as a category whose rank is 42.

Some of these groupings cross each other - for example "Rich families from a Second Tier City" will include those who live in a "Minor City". But there are folks in the minor city who are not rich, so this second count is much lower.

Other Profiles are complimentary, for example Upper Class Neighborhoods is 281 people, Middle Class Neighborhoods is 205 so between them they account for nearly 500 people.


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